Interior Lighting, fundamentals, technology and application

A new book has been released by Prof. Wout van Bommel: “Interior Lighting, fundamentals, technology and application”

This new book is published with Springer. It is available from many online book sites and professional book shops. The book can directly be ordered from Springer’s Online Bookshop.  For both the Interior Lighting and Road Lighting book, the ordering page of Springer’s online shop can also be reached directly through this website:

The full contents list of the Interior Lighting book can be found in this file

The book is aimed at both professionals and students in lighting application and in lighting (and health) research. It is the first interior lighting book in which the visual and non-visual biological effects of lighting are dealt with on an equal footing. Part One of the book discusses the fundamentals of the visual and non-visual mechanisms and the practical consequences for visual performance and comfort, for sleep, health and alertness. It includes chapters on shift work, therapeutic and hazardous effects of lighting and on the effect of the ageing eye.Part Two, Technology, deals with lighting hardware with an emphasis on LEDs. It includes chapters about smart connected lighting and light used for data communication (VLC and Li-Fi). It also has a chapter about daylight.Part Three, the application part, provides the link between theory and practice and supplies the reader with the knowledge needed for lighting design.

Professional lighting journals can contact Springer for a review copy.