CIE 2019:

More information about workshops, division and technical meetings, visa requests, accomodation at the CIE 2019 conference hotel, sponsorship and exhibition opportunities and the technical tour to the NIST Gaithersburg Laboratories ...





CIE Division and Technical Meetings

The last two-and-a-half days of the Session present the opportunity for the CIE Divisions and some Technical Committees to have face-to face meetings. The provisional programme for these meetings is now available. The first day is shown below, with the link included taking you to the full programme. Should you need more information about a specific TC then the full downloadable version of the programme also contains links to the various TC pages on the CIE website.

If you are interested in attending the meeting of a Division or TC to which you are not either the official Division Delegate** or TC Member, then please contact the relevant Division Director or TC Chair to request  permission to attend as an observer.
**Attendees to Division Meetings include: Division Management Team, NC and ANC Division Delegates, TC Chairs of a Division, and Division Associates.



Visa Requests

A brief questionnaire has been provided to aid in the preparation of  letters of invitation  to support application for travel visas to the US.



Accommodation at the CIE 2019 Conference Hotel

A block of rooms have been allocated for conference participants at the conference hotel, The Marriott Wardman. This block of rooms is only available for reservation until May 24, 2019. So get in soon if you love the convenience of being right where the action is and where your colleagues might be staying too. Instructions to Authors
It is expected that authors of abstracts accepted for presentation at CIE 2019  will also submit a full paper for inclusion within the conference proceedings for CIE 2019. A set of instructions has been prepared to help in the formatting of your full paper to ensure that all the conference proceedings can be efficiently prepared.

On a related note, the conference proceedings and all the individual papers will be designated with individual DOIs and in addition the conference proceedings will be submitted to the Web of Science for inclusion in their conference proceedings database.

And finally, please take note that to ensure your paper is included in the proceedings it needs to be sent to CIE Central Bureau on or before the deadline of April 30, 2019.



Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

The Local Organizing Committee have arranged a variety of sponsorship opportunities. These opportunities range from Diamond through to Basic packages. There are also a la carte sponsorship opportunities, which enable you to select the best sponsorship package for your company or organization, whether this is simply the display of your logo on the conference website and other materials through to an exhibition to demonstrate your company or organization's most products or research, or at the higher levels of sponsorship opportunity to address those gathered for the conference.



Technical Tour to the NIST Gaithersburg Laboratories

An opportunity to tour the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, Maryland, will be provided on Monday, June 24, for a limited number of participants.

The tour is prepared by Optical Radiation Group, Sensor Science Division, and will include visits to the laboratories for vision science, photometry, radiometry, and optical properties of materials.
The facilities to be shown include:


  • NIST Spectrally Tunable Lighting Facility for vision experiment on colour quality of light sources
  • Spectrally-tunable double-booth for vision experiment on colour perception
  • LED characterization facility (aging test facility, temperature-controlled sphere)
  • 2.5 m absolute integrating sphere for luminous flux scale and calibration
  • NIST Goniospectroradiometer for total spectral radiant flux calibration
  • New NIST photometric bench system
  • NIST Spectra Irradiance Calibration Facility (basis for CCT and light source colour)
  • Tunable OPO system for spectral (irradiance) responsivity calibration
  • Calibration facilities for reflectance, transmittance, and object colour

NIST is about 40 km north west from the CIE Session venue. Further details including transportation, timetable and cost will be available soon - so keep an eye out here for updates.
If you are interested, please contact Yuqin Zong to pre-register, and we will send you further details when they are available.